Design for Experience: Bringing Order to Big Data

October 4, 2013″Data gives us an opportunity for to reach out to more users and understand them better,” Michael Lai writes in “When Does Quantity Become Quality?” an article we published last month.”This comes with greater responsibility for UX professionals, who need to exercise more rigorous testing and validation of the ‘insights’ gleaned before rushing to implementing them.”Lai suggests taking a balanced approach to wrangling big data—one that combines qualitative and quantitative research methods in order to forge a deeper understanding of our users and their experiences. “With all the data we’re collecting, it’s important to step back and think about what all of these values represent,” he concludes.It’s a basic fact that the rate at which data is created and collected never ceases to increase. The sheer volume of data we’re sitting on is a theoretical…read more
By UX Magazine Staff, Design for Experience

Source: UX Magazine

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