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Making Sense of Digital

Making sense of digital

Digital is finally having the radical influence it has hinted at for decades. Organisations know they must understand what it means for their business, and be in a position to change fast enough to respond. It’s hard. The journey is long. But it’s important to start with the individual journey.

Executional Leaders- Private consultation and advisory for leaders who are currently faced with constant change and the potential for disruption. We know you’re hearing a lot from start-up founders in hoodies who tell you you’re out of touch and you need to follow their every piece of advice. Some of it is worth listening to, some of it hubris, and you need a way to sift through.

We help unpack the noise. By sharing and discussing the rhetoric you’ll hear, the trends and new ways of working, and how they can affect your organisation. Not every opinion is equal so you must arm yourself with a working vocabulary, and a principled understanding of digital in a complex organisation, as well as the management practices evolving as a result.

T- Shaped Pioneers – We help the digital savvy with an enthusiasm for change, and use their knowledge of digital to explore what that looks day-to-day in a complex organisation. Get a deeper understanding of what digital means for cross functional teams, culture, and executive sponsorship in your organisation.

Let’s also get something clear. Executives and the board do not care about digital and the shiny new things. It is completely immaterial to them that we are using the latest interaction techniques, human centred design, or the best code repositories. They do however care about the impact that these things have on the company, and on their ability to steer the company.

We aim to help you shape and translate your work into language that can be best understood and actioned by very senior teams. Senior executives know that there is no such thing as digital strategy, only a strategy. Your job is to help them to understand that the whole thing must be digital.

HR departments- Speak to us about how we can work with you to support individuals and cohorts on this journey within themselves, and within the organisation.

Boards – The executive consultation and advisory offering is available as a whole of board conversation. We recognise that boards must work together and manage their collective opinions and actions together even though their ultimate journey is individual.

We offer half and full day workshops with entire boards, which allows for additional customisation and tailoring of the content to your organisation, and the privacy of your own boardroom to grow without judgement.

Across the different audiences, the consistent theme in how we help is translation. Translation between internal stakeholders who need to understand each other better, translation between company and startup who clearly do not speak the same language. Translation between executional teams and the board.

Ask us about the following programmes:

  • 1 day workshop- Navigating Buzzwords & Taking Control of Digital – For Snr Execs and Directors.
  • 12 week innovation programme- For corporate Venture Capital & Startup relationships.


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